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Any one of a genus (Gentiana) of herbaceous plants with opposite leaves and a tubular four- or five-lobed corolla, usually blue, but sometimes white, yellow, or red. See Illust. of Capsule.

  1. Any of numerous plants of the genus Gentiana, characteristically having showy, variously colored flowers.
  2. The dried rhizome and roots of a yellow-flowered European gentian, G. lutea, sometimes used as a tonic.

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× പരിഷ്കൃതമായ - Parishkruthamaaya | Parishkruthamaya
× ശ്രേഷ്ഠമായ - Shreshdamaaya | Shreshdamaya
× കുലീനമായ - Kuleenamaaya | Kuleenamaya


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