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A fiddle.

  1. A light, two-wheeled carriage drawn by one horse.
  2. Nautical A long light ship's boat, usually reserved for use by the ship's captain.
  3. Nautical A fast light rowboat.
  4. An object that whirls.
  5. Games A three-digit selection in a numbers game.
  6. To ride in a gig.
  7. An arrangement of barbless hooks that is dragged through a school of fish to hook them in their bodies.
  8. A pronged spear for fishing or catching frogs.
  9. To fish for or catch with a gig.
  10. To catch a fish or frog with a gig.
  11. A demerit given in the military.
  12. To give a military demerit to.
  13. A job, especially a booking for musicians.
  14. To work as a musician: "gigging weekends as a piano player in the ski joints” ( Joel Oppenheimer).
  15. Informal A gigabyte.

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× സമ്മാനം - Sammaanam | Sammanam
× ഭാരം കുറഞ്ഞ ഒറ്റക്കുതിരവണ്ടി - Bhaaram Kuranja Ottakkuthiravandi | Bharam Kuranja Ottakkuthiravandi
× ദാനം - Dhaanam | Dhanam
× ഉപഹാരം - Upahaaram | Upaharam
× ദ്വിചക്രയാനം - Dhvichakrayaanam | Dhvichakrayanam
× ദ്രിചക്രയാനം - Dhrichakrayaanam | Dhrichakrayanam


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