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A band or strap which encircles the body; especially, one by which a saddle is fastened upon the back of a horse.

  1. The distance around something; the circumference.
  2. Size; bulk: a person of large girth.
  3. A strap encircling an animal's body in order to secure a load or saddle on its back; a cinch.
  4. To measure the circumference of.
  5. To encircle.
  6. To secure with a girth.

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× ജീനികെട്ടുന്ന വാര്‍ - Jeenikettunna Vaar‍ | Jeenikettunna Var‍
× പട്ട - Patta
× ഉടവലയം - Udavalayam
× ജീനികെട്ടുന്ന വാറ് - Jeenikettunna Vaaru | Jeenikettunna Varu
× വണ്ണം - Vannam


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