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The act of moving in any manner; traveling; as, the going is bad.

  1. Departure: comings and goings.
  2. The condition underfoot as it affects one's headway in walking or riding: Once we left the trail the going was rough.
  3. Informal Progress toward a goal; headway: It was easy going during my senior year.
  4. Working; running: a machine in going order.
  5. In full operation; flourishing: a going business.
  6. Current; prevailing: The going rates are high.
  7. To be found; available: the best products going.
  8. going on Approaching: The child is six, going on seven years of age.

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go എന്ന പദത്തിന്റെ ‌വിനയെച്ചം - Go Enna Padhaththinte Vinayecham | Go Enna Padhathinte Vinayecham ;പുറപ്പാട്‌ - Purappaadu | Purappadu ;ഐശ്വര്യമുള്ള - Aishvaryamulla ;തുടങ്ങുക - Thudanguka ;തുടരാൻ സാധ്യതയുള്ളത്; സാധ്യം. He didn't want to make an unsecured loan to the business because it didn't look like a going concern. - Thudaraan Saadhyathayullathu; Saadhyam. He Didn't Want To Make An Unsecured Loan To The Business Because It Didn't Look Like A Going Concern. | Thudaran Sadhyathayullathu; Sadhyam. He Didn't Want To Make An Unsecured Loan To The Business Becouse It Didn't Look Like A Going Concern. ;ഏതെങ്കിലും വിധത്തിൽ മുന്നേറാനുള്ള സാഹചര്യങ്ങൾ. Not only weren't the streets paved with gold - Ethenkilum Vidhaththil Munneraanulla Saahacharyangal. Not Only Weren't The Streets Paved With Gold | Ethenkilum Vidhathil Munneranulla Sahacharyangal. Not Only Weren't The Streets Paved With Gold ;

but the going was difficult for an immigrant. - But The Going Was Difficult For An Immigrant. ;സ്ഥിതി - Sthithi ;ഗമനം - Gamanam ;യാത്ര പോകല്‍ - Yaathra Pokal‍ | Yathra Pokal‍ ;പോക്ക് - Pokku ;യാത്രാവേഗം - Yaathraavegam | Yathravegam ;അഭിവൃദ്ധിപ്പെടുന്ന - Abhivruddhippedunna | Abhivrudhippedunna ;യാത്രപോകല്‍ - Yaathrapokal‍ | Yathrapokal‍ ;പോണ - Pona ;പുരോഗതി - Purogathi ;പോക്ക്‌ - Pokku ;പോകുക - Pokuka ;ഉപസംക്രമം - Upasamkramam ;പോവുക - Povuka ;ആലങ്കാരികമായി - Aalankaarikamaayi | alankarikamayi ;പൂകല്‍ - Pookal‍ ;മുന്നോട്ട് പോകാനുള്ള സൗകര്യം. The going was very difficult over the ice. - Munnottu Pokaanulla Saukaryam. The Going Was Very Difficult Over The Ice. | Munnottu Pokanulla Soukaryam. The Going Was Very Difficult Over The Ice. ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.

Psalms 50:1

The Mighty One, God the LORD, Has spoken and called the earth From the rising of the sun to its going down.

ദൈവം, യഹോവയായ ദൈവം അരുളിച്ചെയ്തു, സൂര്യന്റെ ഉദയംമുതൽ അസ്തമയംവരെ ഭൂമിയെ വിളിക്കുന്നു.

2 Samuel 2:19

So Asahel pursued Abner, and in going he did not turn to the right hand or to the left from following Abner.

അസാഹേൽ അബ്നേരിനെ പിന്തുടർന്നു; അബ്നേരിനെ പിന്തുടരുന്നതിൽ വലത്തോട്ടോ ഇടത്തോട്ടോ മാറിയില്ല.

Psalms 121:8

The LORD shall preserve your going out and your coming in From this time forth, and even forevermore.

യഹോവ നിന്റെ ഗമനത്തെയും ആഗമനത്തെയും ഇന്നുമുതൽ എന്നേക്കും പരിപാലിക്കും.


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