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A long, narrow boat with a high prow and stern, used in the canals of Venice. A gondola is usually propelled by one or two oarsmen who stand facing the prow, or by poling. A gondola for passengers has a small open cabin amidships, for their protection against the sun or rain. A sumptuary law of Venice required that gondolas should be painted black, and they are customarily so painted now.

  1. Nautical A lightweight narrow barge with ends that curve up into a point and often a small cabin in the middle, propelled with a single oar from the stern and used on the canals of Venice.
  2. Nautical A flatbottom riverboat.
  3. A gondola car.
  4. A basket, enclosure, or instrument sling suspended from and carried aloft by a balloon.
  5. An enclosed structure suspended from a cable, used for conveying passengers, as to and from a ski slope.

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× ഭീമകായൻ - Bheemakaayan | Bheemakayan
× മഹാശക്തന്‍ - Mahaashakthan‍ | Mahashakthan‍
× ഭീമകായന്‍ - Bheemakaayan‍ | Bheemakayan‍


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