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A privy or jakes.

  1. A rimmed metal disk that produces a loud, sonorous tone when struck with a padded mallet.
  2. A usually saucer-shaped bell that is struck with a mechanically operated hammer.
  3. To make the sound of a gong.

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ചേര്‍മങ്ങലം - Cher‍mangalam ;മണിയുടെ നാവ് - Maniyude Naavu | Maniyude Navu ;മണി - Mani ;ചേങ്ങില - Chengila ;മുട്ടുമണി - Muttumani ;ചേങ്കല - Chenkala ;

മണിയുടെ നാവ്‌ - Maniyude Naavu | Maniyude Navu ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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