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One of an ancient Teutonic race, who dwelt between the Elbe and the Vistula in the early part of the Christian era, and who overran and took an important part in subverting the Roman empire.

  1. A style of rock music, noted especially for somber or ethereal tones and lugubrious lyrics.
  2. A performer or follower of this style of music.

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× പ്രാചീന ഗോഥിക്‌ വംശക്കാരന്‍ - Praacheena Gothiku Vamshakkaaran‍ | Pracheena Gothiku Vamshakkaran‍
× നുണ - Nuna
× പ്രാചീന ജര്‍മ്മനിയിലെ ഗോഥിക് വംശക്കാരന്‍ - Praacheena Jar‍mmaniyile Gothiku Vamshakkaaran‍ | Pracheena Jar‍mmaniyile Gothiku Vamshakkaran‍
× അപവാദം - Apavaadham | Apavadham


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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