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Formed or acquired by habit or use.

  1. Of the nature of a habit: habitual lying.
  2. Being such by force of habit: a habitual liar. See Synonyms at chronic.
  3. Established by long use; usual: my habitual place. See Synonyms at usual.
  4. Grammar Designating an action or state that lasts for or is repeated over an extended duration, expressed in English by such means as the simple present tense (She works downtown) and the phrase used to (A factory used to be located at that intersection).

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× പതിവുകാരനായ - Pathivukaaranaaya | Pathivukaranaya
× ശീലമായുള്ള - Sheelamaayulla | Sheelamayulla
× പഴക്കമായ - Pazhakkamaaya | Pazhakkamaya
× Usually - Usually
× പതിവായ - Pathivaaya | Pathivaya


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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