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A kingfisher. By modern ornithologists restricted to a genus including a limited number of species having omnivorous habits, as the sacred kingfisher (Halcyon sancta) of Australia.

  1. A kingfisher, especially one of the genus Halcyon.
  2. A fabled bird, identified with the kingfisher, that was supposed to have had the power to calm the wind and the waves while it nested on the sea during the winter solstice.
  3. Calm and peaceful; tranquil.
  4. Prosperous; golden: halcyon years.

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മീന്‍കൊത്തിപ്പക്ഷഇ - Meen‍koththippakshai | Meen‍kothippakshai ;ശാന്തസുന്ദരമായ - Shaanthasundharamaaya | Shanthasundharamaya ;മീന്‍കൊത്തിപ്പക്ഷി - Meen‍koththippakshi | Meen‍kothippakshi ;പ്രസന്നമായ - Prasannamaaya | Prasannamaya ;ക്ഷേമകാലം - Kshemakaalam | Kshemakalam ;ഹാൽസിയോൺ ഡെയ്‌സ്‌ - Haalsiyon Deysu | Halsiyon Deysu ;

ശുഭമായ - Shubhamaaya | Shubhamaya ;എല്ലാസമൃദ്ധിയും നിറഞ്ഞ ദിവസങ്ങൾ - Ellaasamruddhiyum Niranja Dhivasangal | Ellasamrudhiyum Niranja Dhivasangal ;സുഖകരമായ - Sukhakaramaaya | Sukhakaramaya ;ശാന്തമായ - Shaanthamaaya | Shanthamaya ;നിരാകുലമായ - Niraakulamaaya | Nirakulamaya ;


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