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A fastening, consisting of an iron ring around the wrist, usually connected by a chain with one on the other wrist; a manacle; -- usually in the plural.

  1. A restraining device consisting of a pair of strong, connected hoops that can be tightened and locked about the wrists and used on one or both arms of a prisoner in custody; a manacle. Often used in the plural.
  2. To restrain with or as if with handcuffs.
  3. To render ineffective or impotent. See Synonyms at hamper1.

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× നറുങ്ങാണി - Narungaani | Narungani
× കൈത്തോളം - Kaiththolam | Kaitholam
× കൈയാമം - Kaiyaamam | Kaiyamam
× പാദപാശി - Paadhapaashi | Padhapashi
× ആമം - Aamam | amam
× കൈത്തള - Kaiththala | Kaithala
× കയ്യാമം - Kayyaamam | Kayyamam
× തോളം - Tholam


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