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A small, slender, branching plant (Campanula rotundifolia), having blue bell-shaped flowers; also, Scilla nutans, which has similar flowers; -- called also bluebell.

  1. A perennial plant (Campanula rotundifolia) having slender stems, dense clusters of basal leaves, and bell-shaped blue or white flowers. Also called bluebell.

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× ബെല്‍ ആകൃതിയില്‍ പൂക്കളുള്ള ചെടി - Bel‍ Aakruthiyil‍ Pookkalulla Chedi | Bel‍ akruthiyil‍ Pookkalulla Chedi
× കഠിനമായ - Kadinamaaya | Kadinamaya
× സാഹസികമായ - Saahasikamaaya | Sahasikamaya


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