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A slightly acrid gum resin produced by the common hemp (Cannabis sativa), of the variety Indica, when cultivated in a warm climate; also, the tops of the plant, from which the resinous product is obtained. It is narcotic, and has long been used in the East for its intoxicating effect. See Bhang, and Ganja.

  1. Variant of hashish.

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× പുകവലിക്കാനും തിന്നാനും ഉപയോഗിക്കുന്ന ഒരു ലഹരിചണം - Pukavalikkaanum Thinnaanum Upayogikkunna Oru Laharichanam | Pukavalikkanum Thinnanum Upayogikkunna Oru Laharichanam


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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