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A hind in the second year of its age.

  1. A vehicle for conveying a coffin to a church or cemetery.
  2. Roman Catholic Church A triangular candelabrum used at Tenebrae during Holy Week.
  3. A framelike structure over a coffin or tomb on which to hang epitaphs.

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പ്രേതമഞ്ചം - Prethamancham ;ശവവണ്ടി,ശവമഞ്ചം - Shavavandi,shavamancham ;ശവമഞ്ചം - Shavamancham ;ശവവണ്ടിയിലാക്കുക - Shavavandiyilaakkuka | Shavavandiyilakkuka ;ശവവാഹനം - Shavavaahanam | Shavavahanam ;പ്രതമഞ്ചം - Prathamancham ;

ശവവണ്ടി - Shavavandi ;കിംവദന്തി - Kimvadhanthi ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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