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  1. One of above average weight.
  2. The heaviest weight division in professional boxing, having no upper limit, with contestants usually weighing more than 190 pounds (85.5 kilograms).
  3. A boxer competing in this weight division.
  4. A similar weight division in other sports, such as weightlifting.
  5. A contestant in this weight division.
  6. Informal A person of great importance or influence.

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× പ്രാമാണ്യവും സ്വാധീനശക്തിയുമുള്ള ആൾ - Praamaanyavum Svaadheenashakthiyumulla Aal | Pramanyavum swadheenashakthiyumulla al
× സാധാരണയില്‍ കവിഞ്ഞ തൂക്കമുള്ളയാള്‍ - Saadhaaranayil‍ Kavinja Thookkamullayaal‍ | Sadharanayil‍ Kavinja Thookkamullayal‍
× പ്രാമാണ്യവും സ്വാധീനശക്തിയുമുള്ള ആള്‍ - Praamaanyavum Svaadheenashakthiyumulla Aal‍ | Pramanyavum swadheenashakthiyumulla al‍


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