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Hereditary transmission of the physical and psychical qualities of parents to their offspring; the biological law by which living beings tend to repeat their characteristics in their descendants. See Pangenesis.

  1. The genetic transmission of characteristics from parent to offspring.
  2. The sum of characteristics and associated potentialities transmitted genetically to an individual organism.

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വംശപാരമ്പര്യം - Vamshapaaramparyam | Vamshaparamparyam ;പൈതൃകഗുണം - Paithrukagunam ;പൈതൃകം - Paithrukam ;പാരമ്പര്യം - Paaramparyam | Paramparyam ;പൈതൃകംഗുണം - Paithrukamgunam ;വംശപാരന്പര്യം - Vamshapaaranparyam | Vamshaparanparyam ;

ജന്മവാസന - Janmavaasana | Janmavasana ;വംശപാരമ്പര്യം - വംശപാരമ്പര്യം ;


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