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An opinion or doctrine, or a system of doctrines, contrary to some established standard of faith, as the Scriptures, the creed or standards of a church, etc.; heresy.

  1. The condition or quality of being heterodox.
  2. A heterodox opinion or doctrine.

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മതവിരുദ്ധോപദേശം - Mathaviruddhopadhesham | Mathavirudhopadhesham ;മതവിരുദ്ധോപദേശം - Mathaviruddhopadhesham | Mathavirudhopadhesham ;മതവിരുദ്ധം - Mathaviruddham | Mathavirudham ;വിരുദ്ധോപദേശവാദം - Viruddhopadheshavaadham | Virudhopadheshavadham ;വിരുദ്ധോപദേശവാദം - Viruddhopadheshavaadham | Virudhopadheshavadham ; ;

അംഗീകൃതം - Amgeekrutham ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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