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A burnt sacrifice; an offering, the whole of which was consumed by fire, among the Jews and some pagan nations.

  1. Great destruction resulting in the extensive loss of life, especially by fire.
  2. The genocide of European Jews and others by the Nazis during World War II: "Israel emerged from the Holocaust and is defined in relation to that catastrophe” ( Emanuel Litvinoff).
  3. A massive slaughter: "an important document in the so-far sketchy annals of the Cambodian holocaust” ( Rod Nordland).
  4. A sacrificial offering that is consumed entirely by flames.

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× പൊള്ളയായ - Pollayaaya | Pollayaya
× സമ്പൂര്‍ണ്ണനാശം - Sampoor‍nnanaasham | Sampoor‍nnanasham
× സമ്പൂർണ്ണനാശം - Sampoornnanaasham | Sampoornnanasham
× വമ്പിച്ച നാശനഷ്‌ടം - Vampicha Naashanashdam | Vampicha Nashanashdam
× കൂട്ടനാശം - Koottanaasham | Koottanasham


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