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A shoe for horses, consisting of a narrow plate of iron in form somewhat like the letter U, nailed to a horse's hoof.

  1. A flat U-shaped metal plate fitted and nailed to the bottom of a horse's hoof for protection.
  2. A U-shaped object similar to a horseshoe.
  3. A game in which players toss horseshoes or horseshoe-shaped metal pieces at a stake so as to encircle it or come closer to it than the other players.
  4. To fit with horseshoes.

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× ശുഭപ്രതീകം - Shubhapratheekam
× കുതിരലാടം - Kuthiralaadam | Kuthiraladam
× കുതിരലാടാകൃതിയിലുള്ള സാധനം - Kuthiralaadaakruthiyilulla Saadhanam | Kuthiraladakruthiyilulla Sadhanam


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