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The outer covering of anything, particularly of a nut or of grain; the outer skin of a kernel; the husk.

  1. The dry outer covering of a fruit, seed, or nut; a husk.
  2. The enlarged calyx of a fruit, such as a strawberry, that is usually green and easily detached.
  3. Nautical The frame or body of a ship, exclusive of masts, engines, or superstructure.
  4. The main body of various other large vehicles, such as a tank, airship, or flying boat.
  5. The outer casing of a rocket, guided missile, or spaceship.
  6. To remove the hulls of (fruit or seeds).

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× തോട് - Thodu
× നെല്ലുകുത്തുക - Nellukuththuka | Nellukuthuka
× ഉമി - Umi
× ഗംഭീരമായ - Gambheeramaaya | Gambheeramaya
× ഉമി കളയുക - Umi Kalayuka
× മുഴുത്ത - Muzhuththa | Muzhutha


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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