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In a human manner; after the manner of men; according to the knowledge or wisdom of men; as, the present prospects, humanly speaking, promise a happy issue.

  1. In a human way.
  2. Within the scope of human means, capabilities, or powers: not humanly possible.
  3. According to human experience or knowledge: Humanly speaking, the recession was not severe.

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× മനുഷ്യത്വത്തോടെ - Manushyathvaththode | Manushyathvathode
× ദയയോടെ - Dhayayode
× മാനുഷപ്രകാരം - Maanushaprakaaram | Manushaprakaram
× മനുഷ്യത്വത്തോടെ - Manushyathvaththode | Manushyathvathode
× ദയാപൂര്‍വ്വം - Dhayaapoor‍vvam | Dhayapoor‍vvam


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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