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Marked with ignominy; incurring public disgrace; dishonorable; shameful.

  1. Marked by shame or disgrace: "It was an ignominious end ... as a desperate mutiny by a handful of soldiers blossomed into full-scale revolt” ( Angus Deming).
  2. Deserving disgrace or shame; despicable.
  3. Degrading; debasing: "The young people huddled with their sodden gritty towels and ignominious goosebumps inside the gray-shingled bathhouse” ( John Updike).

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മാനഭംഗം - Maanabhamgam | Manabhamgam ;കളങ്കം - Kalankam ;ലജ്ജാകരമായ - Lajjaakaramaaya | Lajjakaramaya ;നാണംകെട്ട - Naanamketta | Nanamketta ;മാനഹാനി വരുത്തുന്ന - Maanahaani Varuththunna | Manahani Varuthunna ;അപഖ്യാതി - Apakhyaathi | Apakhyathi ;

നീചമായി - Neechamaayi | Neechamayi ;മാനക്കേടോടെ - Maanakkedode | Manakkedode ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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