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The state of being illiterate, or uneducated; want of learning, or knowledge; ignorance; specifically, inability to read and write; as, the illiteracy shown by the last census.

  1. The condition of being unable to read and write.
  2. An error, as in writing or speech, made by or thought to be characteristic of one who is illiterate. See Usage Note at literate.
  3. The condition or quality of being ignorant or unknowledgeable in a particular subject or field: cultural illiteracy; scientific illiteracy.

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× അജ്ഞത - Ajnjatha
× നിരക്ഷരത - Niraksharatha
× എഴുത്തറിയായ്‌മ - Ezhuththariyaayma | Ezhuthariyayma


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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