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Not distinguishable; not capable of being perceived, known, or discriminated as separate and distinct; hence, not capable of being perceived or known; as, in the distance the flagship was indisguishable; the two copies were indisguishable in form or color; the difference between them was indisguishable.

  1. Not distinguishable, especially:
  2. Impossible to differentiate or tell apart: indistinguishable twins; markings that make a moth indistinguishable from its background.
  3. Impossible to discern; imperceptible: a sound that was indistinguishable to the human ear.
  4. Difficult to understand or make out; vague: indistinguishable speech.

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× വേര്‍തിരിച്ചു കാണാനാവാത്ത - Ver‍thirichu Kaanaanaavaaththa | Ver‍thirichu Kananavatha
× തിരിച്ചറിയാനാവാത്ത വിധം - Thirichariyaanaavaaththa Vidham | Thirichariyanavatha Vidham


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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