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Unlimited or boundless, in time or space; as, infinite duration or distance.

  1. Having no boundaries or limits.
  2. Immeasurably great or large; boundless: infinite patience; a discovery of infinite importance.
  3. Mathematics Existing beyond or being greater than any arbitrarily large value.
  4. Mathematics Unlimited in spatial extent: a line of infinite length.
  5. Mathematics Of or relating to a set capable of being put into one-to-one correspondence with a proper subset of itself.
  6. Something infinite.

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ഈശ്വരന്‍ - Eeshvaran‍ ;അപാരം - Apaaram | Aparam ;അനവധി - Anavadhi ;അനന്തമായ - Ananthamaaya | Ananthamaya ;അസംഖ്യമായ - Asamkhyamaaya | Asamkhyamaya ;അപരിമിതമായ - Aparimithamaaya | Aparimithamaya ;

അതിരറ്റ - Athiratta ;എണ്ണമറ്റ - Ennamatta ;അപരിമേയമായ - Aparimeyamaaya | Aparimeyamaya ;സര്‍വ്വശക്തന്‍ - Sar‍vvashakthan‍ ;അമേയം - Ameyam ;അനന്തം - Anantham ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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