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Dyed with grain, or kermes.

  1. To fix deeply or indelibly, as in the mind: "A system that had been ingrained for generations could not be easily undone by change from the top” ( Doris Kearns Goodwin).
  2. Archaic To dye or stain into the fiber of.
  3. Deep-seated; ingrained.
  4. Made of predyed fibers; thoroughly dyed: ingrain yarn.
  5. Made of fiber or yarn dyed before weaving. Used especially of rugs.
  6. Yarn or fiber dyed before manufacture.
  7. An ingrain rug or carpet.

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× രൂഢമൂലമായ - Rooddamoolamaaya | Rooddamoolamaya
× അപമാനകരം - Apamaanakaram | Apamanakaram
× ദൃഢമായി ഉറച്ച - Dhruddamaayi Uracha | Dhruddamayi Uracha


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