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Tending to invade; characterized by invasion; aggressive.

  1. Of, engaging in, or given to armed aggression: an invasive military force.
  2. Marked by the tendency to spread, especially into healthy tissue: an invasive carcinoma.
  3. Of or relating to a medical procedure in which a part of the body is entered, as by puncture or incision.
  4. Tending to intrude or encroach, as upon privacy.

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വളരുന്ന - Valarunna ;പടയേറ്റം - Padayettam ;ഉപദ്രവകരമായി വ്യാപിക്കുന്ന - Upadhravakaramaayi Vyaapikkunna | Upadhravakaramayi Vyapikkunna ;ആക്രമണം - Aakramanam | akramanam ;കടന്നുകയറ്റം - Kadannukayattam ;പടര്‍ന്നു പിടിക്കുന്ന - Padar‍nnu Pidikkunna ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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