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Changed to a contrary or counterchanged order; reversed; characterized by inversion.

  1. Changed to a contrary or counterchanged order or direction; characterized by inversion; turned upside down; reversed; opposite; contrary.
  2. (of a chord) Having the lowest note transposed an octave higher
  3. (of sugar) Having its polarization changed by hydrolysis; see invert sugar
  4. Simple past tense and past participle of invert.

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× inverted order 1. വ്യത്യയം    2. പ്രതിക്രമം - inverted Order 1. Vyathyayam    2. Prathikramam
× ഉദ്ധരണി സൂചകമായ ചിഹ്നം - Uddharani Soochakamaaya Chihnam | Udharani Soochakamaya Chihnam
× തലകീഴാക്കിയ - Thalakeezhaakkiya | Thalakeezhakkiya
× ക്രമവും ദിശയും വിപരീതമാക്കുക - Kramavum Dhishayum Vipareethamaakkuka | Kramavum Dhishayum Vipareethamakkuka
× തലകീഴാക്കുക - Thalakeezhaakkuka | Thalakeezhakkuka


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