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A nonmetallic element, of the halogen group, occurring always in combination, as in the iodides. When isolated it is in the form of dark gray metallic scales, resembling plumbago, soft but brittle, and emitting a chlorinelike odor. Symbol I. Atomic weight 126.5. If heated, iodine volatilizes in beautiful violet vapors.

  1. A lustrous, grayish-black, corrosive, poisonous halogen element having radioactive isotopes, especially I 131, used as a medical tracer and in thyroid disease diagnosis and therapy. Iodine compounds are used as germicides, antiseptics, and dyes. Atomic number 53; atomic weight 126.9045; melting point 113.5°C; boiling point 184.35°C; specific gravity (solid, at 20°C) 4.93; valence 1, 3, 5, 7. See Table at element.
  2. An antiseptic preparation containing iodine in solution, used to treat wounds.

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× ഒരു രാസവസ്തു - Oru Raasavasthu | Oru Rasavasthu
× അയഡിൻ - Ayadin
× ഒരു ഖരമൂലകം - Oru Kharamoolakam
× ഊതകം - Oothakam
× ഖരമൂലകം - Kharamoolakam


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