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A tract of land surrounded by water, and smaller than a continent. Cf. Continent.

  1. A land mass, especially one smaller than a continent, entirely surrounded by water.
  2. Something resembling an island, especially in being isolated or surrounded, as:
  3. An unattached kitchen counter providing easy access from all sides.
  4. A raised curbed area, often used to delineate rows of parking spaces or lanes of traffic.
  5. The superstructure of a ship, especially an aircraft carrier.
  6. Anatomy A cluster of cells differing in structure or function from the cells constituting the surrounding tissue.
  7. To make into or as if into an island; insulate: a secluded mansion, islanded by shrubbery and fences.

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× പയോഗലം - Payogalam
× ദ്വീപസമാനമായതെന്തും - Dhveepasamaanamaayathenthum | Dhveepasamanamayathenthum
× തീയം - Theeyam
× തീര്‍ത്തും വേറിട്ടുനില്‍ക്കുന്ന എന്തും - Theer‍ththum Verittunil‍kkunna Enthum | Theer‍thum Verittunil‍kkunna Enthum
× തുരുത്ത് - Thuruththu | Thuruthu
× തുരുത്ത്‌ - Thuruththu | Thuruthu


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.

Acts 27:16

And running under the shelter of an island called Clauda, we secured the skiff with difficulty.

ക്ളൗദ എന്ന ചെറിയ ദ്വീപിന്റെ മറപറ്റി ഔടീട്ടു പ്രയാസത്തോടെ തോണി കൈവശമാക്കി.

Acts 28:9

So when this was done, the rest of those on the island who had diseases also came and were healed.

ഇതു സംഭവിച്ചശേഷം ദ്വീപിലെ മറ്റു ദീനക്കാരും വന്നു സൗഖ്യം പ്രാപിച്ചു.

Revelation 16:20

Then every island fled away, and the mountains were not found.

സകലദ്വീപും ഓടിപ്പോയി; മലകൾ കാണ്മാനില്ലാതെയായി.


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