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Any one of the acalephs, esp. one of the larger species, having a jellylike appearance. See Medusa.

  1. Any of numerous usually free-swimming marine coelenterates of the class Scyphozoa, characteristically having a gelatinous, tentacled, often bell-shaped medusoid stage as the dominant phase of its life cycle.
  2. Any of various similar or related coelenterates.
  3. Informal One who lacks force of character; a weakling.

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× ജെല്ലിഫിഷ് അഥവാ കടൽച്ചൊറി - Jelliphishu Athavaa Kadalchori | Jelliphishu Athava Kadalchori
× ശരീരത്തിൽ 90 ശതമാനത്തിലധികം ജലമുള്ള ജല ജീവി - Shareeraththil 90 Shathamaanaththiladhikam Jalamulla Jala Jeevi | Shareerathil 90 Shathamanathiladhikam Jalamulla Jala Jeevi


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