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A word used as a jocular oath.

  1. One who vociferously supports one's country, especially one who supports a belligerent foreign policy; a chauvinistic patriot.
  2. Of or relating to a chauvinistic patriot.
  3. Characterized by chauvinistic patriotism.
  4. Used for emphasis or to express surprise: By jingo, I'm leaving here in spite of the blizzard.

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കിലുക്കം - Kilukkam ;യുദ്ധപ്രിയൻ - Yuddhapriyan | Yudhapriyan ;യുദ്ധ നയാനുകൂലി - Yuddha Nayaanukooli | Yudha Nayanukooli ;കടുത്ത ദേശീയവാദി - Kaduththa Dhesheeyavaadhi | Kadutha Dhesheeyavadhi ;യുദ്ധപ്രിയന്‍ - Yuddhapriyan‍ | Yudhapriyan‍ ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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