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To shake with short, abrupt risings and fallings, as a carriage moving on rough ground; as, the coach jolts.

  1. To move or dislodge with a sudden, hard blow; strike heavily or jarringly: jolted his opponent with a heavy punch; an impact that jolted the mailbox loose.
  2. To cause to move jerkily: stops and starts that jolted the passengers.
  3. To put into a specified condition by or as if by a blow: "Now and then he jolted a nodding reader awake by inserting a witty paragraph” ( Walter Blair).
  4. To make suddenly active or effective: The remark jolted my memory.
  5. To disturb suddenly and severely; stun: She was jolted by the betrayal of her trusted friend.
  6. To proceed in an irregular, bumpy, or jerky fashion.
  7. A sudden jarring or jerking, as from a heavy blow or an abrupt movement. See Synonyms at collision.
  8. A sudden, strong feeling of surprise or disappointment; a shock.
  9. The cause of such a feeling: The news came as a jolt.
  10. A brief strong portion: a jolt of electricity; a jolt of whiskey.

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പെട്ടെന്നുള്ള കുലുക്കം - Pettennulla Kulukkam ;ഞെട്ടിക്കൽ - Njettikkal ;ക്ഷോഭിക്കുക - Kshobhikkuka ;ചലിക്കുക - Chalikkuka ;കലുക്കുക - Kalukkuka ;ആകസ്‌മിക ക്ഷോഭം - Aakasmika Kshobham | akasmika Kshobham ;

പ്രസന്നമായ - Prasannamaaya | Prasannamaya ;ഇളകുക - Ilakuka ;തട്ടുക - Thattuka ;വൈകാരിക ആഘാതം - Vaikaarika Aaghaatham | Vaikarika aghatham ;കുലുങ്ങുക - Kulunguka ;ആകസ്‌മിക ക്ഷോഭം - Aakasmika Kshobham | akasmika Kshobham ;കുലുക്കം - Kulukkam ;ഞെട്ടല്‍ - Njettal‍ ;ചാടിച്ചാടി നീങ്ങുക - Chaadichaadi Neenguka | Chadichadi Neenguka ;ഞെട്ടൽ - Njettal ;ക്ഷോഭിക്കുക - Kshobhikkuka ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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