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To play tricks by sleight of hand; to cause amusement and sport by tricks of skill; to conjure.

  1. To keep (two or more objects) in the air at one time by alternately tossing and catching them.
  2. To have difficulty holding; balance insecurely: juggled the ball but finally caught it; shook hands while juggling a cookie and a teacup.
  3. To keep (more than two activities, for example) in motion or progress at one time: managed to juggle a full-time job and homemaking.
  4. To manipulate in order to deceive: juggle figures in a ledger.
  5. To juggle objects or perform other tricks of manual dexterity.
  6. To make rapid motions or manipulations: juggled with the controls on the television to improve the picture.
  7. To use trickery; practice deception.
  8. The act of juggling.
  9. Trickery for a dishonest end.

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× അമ്മാനമാടുക - Ammaanamaaduka | Ammanamaduka
× ജഗ് - Jagu
× ചെപ്പടിവിദ്യകാട്ടുക - Cheppadividhyakaattuka | Cheppadividhyakattuka
× ചെപ്പടിവിദ്യ കാട്ടുക - Cheppadividhya Kaattuka | Cheppadividhya Kattuka
× ചെപ്പടിവിദ്യ കാട്ടുക - Cheppadividhya Kaattuka | Cheppadividhya Kattuka
× കണക്കിലോ വസ്‌തുതകളിലോ മാറ്റം വരുത്തി കബളിപ്പിക്കുക - Kanakkilo Vasthuthakalilo Maattam Varuththi Kabalippikkuka | Kanakkilo Vasthuthakalilo Mattam Varuthi Kabalippikkuka


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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