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For temporary use; -- applied to a temporary contrivance.

  1. Law A body of persons sworn to judge and give a verdict on a given matter, especially a body of persons summoned by law and sworn to hear and hand down a verdict upon a case presented in court.
  2. A committee, usually of experts, that judges contestants or applicants, as in a competition or exhibition; a panel of judges.
  3. To judge or evaluate by a jury: jurying submitted samples for a crafts fair.
  4. Nautical Intended or designed for temporary use; makeshift: a jury sail.

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× മദ്ധ്യസ്ഥമിതി - Maddhyasthamithi | Madhyasthamithi
× വ്യവഹാരവിചാരകസമിതി - Vyavahaaravichaarakasamithi | Vyavaharavicharakasamithi
× വിധികർത്താക്കളുടെ സമിതി - Vidhikarththaakkalude Samithi | Vidhikarthakkalude Samithi
× മദ്ധ്യസ്ഥസമിതി - Maddhyasthasamithi | Madhyasthasamithi
× വ്യവഹാരവിചാരക സമിതി - Vyavahaaravichaaraka Samithi | Vyavaharavicharaka Samithi
× മദ്ധ്യസ്ഥ സമിതി - Maddhyastha Samithi | Madhyastha Samithi
× വിധികര്‍ത്താക്കളുടെ സമിതി - Vidhikar‍ththaakkalude Samithi | Vidhikar‍thakkalude Samithi


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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