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A house; esp., one which is a resort for thieves.

  1. Perception; understanding: complex issues well beyond our ken.
  2. Range of vision.
  3. View; sight.
  4. To know (a person or thing).
  5. To recognize.
  6. To have knowledge or an understanding.

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അറിവിന്റെ പരിധി - Arivinte Paridhi ;ചിന്താപരിധി - Chinthaaparidhi | Chinthaparidhi ; ;കണ്ണെത്തുന്ന ദൂരം - Kanneththunna Dhooram | Kannethunna Dhooram ;ബുദ്ധിക്കെത്താവുന്ന പരമാവധി ദൂരം - Buddhikkeththaavunna Paramaavadhi Dhooram | Budhikkethavunna Paramavadhi Dhooram ;കണ്ണെത്തുന്ന ദീരം - Kanneththunna Dheeram | Kannethunna Dheeram ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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