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The water course of a street; a little canal or channel; a gutter; also, a puddle.

  1. A shelter for a dog.
  2. A pack of dogs, especially hounds. See Synonyms at flock1.
  3. An establishment where dogs are bred, trained, or boarded.
  4. The lair of a wild animal, such as a fox.
  5. To place or keep in or as if in a kennel.
  6. To take cover or lie in or as if in a kennel.
  7. A gutter along a street.

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× നായവളർത്തൽ കേന്ദ്രം - Naayavalarththal Kendhram | Nayavalarthal Kendhram
× ശുനകശാല - Shunakashaala | Shunakashala
× ശുകശാല - Shukashaala | Shukashala
× നായവളര്‍ത്തല്‍ കേന്ദ്രം - Naayavalar‍ththal‍ Kendhram | Nayavalar‍thal‍ Kendhram
× നായ്ക്കൂട് - Naaykkoodu | Naykkoodu
× നായക്കൂട്‌ - Naayakkoodu | Nayakkoodu
× നായ്‌ക്കൂട്‌ - Naaykkoodu | Naykkoodu


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