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A state of the body or mind which is caused by exhaustion of strength and characterized by a languid feeling; feebleness; lassitude; laxity.

  1. Lack of physical or mental energy; listlessness. See Synonyms at lethargy.
  2. A dreamy, lazy mood or quality: "It was hot, yet with a sweet languor about it” ( Theodore Dreiser).
  3. Oppressive quiet or stillness.

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× ക്ഷീണം - Ksheenam
× ചടപ്പ് - Chadappu
× ഉന്‍മേഷമില്ലായ്‌മ - Un‍meshamillaayma | Un‍meshamillayma
× ആലസ്യം - Aalasyam | alasyam
× മ്ലാനത - Mlaanatha | Mlanatha
× ഉന്മേഷമില്ലായ്മ - Unmeshamillaayma | Unmeshamillayma


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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