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A small European bird of the Plover family (Vanellus cristatus, or V. vanellus). It has long and broad wings, and is noted for its rapid, irregular fight, upwards, downwards, and in circles. Its back is coppery or greenish bronze. Its eggs are the "plover's eggs" of the London market, esteemed a delicacy. It is called also peewit, dastard plover, and wype. The gray lapwing is the Squatarola cinerea.

  1. Any of several Old World birds of the genus Vanellus related to the plovers, especially V. vanellus, having a narrow crest and erratic flight behavior. Also called green plover, pewit.

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× വണ്ണാത്തിപ്പുള്ള്‌ - Vannaaththippullu | Vannathippullu
× അബദ്ധം - Abaddham | Abadham
× വീഴ്ച - Veezhcha
× മണ്ണാത്തിപ്പുള്ള്‌ - Mannaaththippullu | Mannathippullu
× പിശക് - Pishaku
× മണ്ണാത്തിപ്പുള്ള് - Mannaaththippullu | Mannathippullu
× കതിര്‍കാണാപക്ഷി - Kathir‍kaanaapakshi | Kathir‍kanapakshi
× കതിർകാണാപ്പക്ഷി - Kathirkaanaappakshi | Kathirkanappakshi
× കതിര്‍കാണാപ്പക്ഷി - Kathir‍kaanaappakshi | Kathir‍kanappakshi
× കതിർകാണാപക്ഷി - Kathirkaanaapakshi | Kathirkanapakshi


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