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Of or pertaining to the sides; as, the lateral walls of a house; the lateral branches of a tree.

  1. Of, relating to, or situated at or on the side.
  2. Of or constituting a change within an organization or a hierarchy to a position at a similar level, as in salary or responsibility, to the one being left: made a lateral move within the company.
  3. Linguistics Of, relating to, or being a sound produced by breath passing along one or both sides of the tongue.
  4. A lateral part, projection, passage, or appendage.
  5. Football A lateral pass.
  6. Linguistics A lateral sound, such as (l).
  7. To execute a lateral pass.
  8. To pass (the ball) sideways or backward.

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പാര്‍ശ്വ - Paar‍shva | Par‍shva ;അരുകിലുള്ള - Arukilulla ;സാഹിത്യപരമായി - Saahithyaparamaayi | Sahithyaparamayi ;പാർശ്വസ്ഥമായ - Paarshvasthamaaya | Parshvasthamaya ;കുറുകെയുള്ള - Kurukeyulla ;ഇന്നല്ലെങ്കിൽ നാളെ - Innallenkil Naale | Innallenkil Nale ;

പാര്‍ശ്വസ്ഥമായ - Paar‍shvasthamaaya | Par‍shvasthamaya ;ബഹുമുഖമായ - Bahumukhamaaya | Bahumukhamaya ;പിന്നീട് - Pinneedu ;പൂർവ്വാധികം താമസിച്ച്‌ - Poorvvaadhikam Thaamasichu | Poorvvadhikam Thamasichu ;വിലങ്ങനെയുള്ള - Vilanganeyulla ;ദീർഘഭുജങ്ങളുള്ള - Dheerghabhujangalulla ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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