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A thin, narrow strip of wood, nailed to the rafters, studs, or floor beams of a building, for the purpose of supporting the tiles, plastering, etc. A corrugated metallic strip or plate is sometimes used.

  1. A thin strip of wood or metal, usually nailed in rows to framing supports as a substructure for plaster, shingles, slates, or tiles.
  2. A building material, such as a sheet of metal mesh, used for similar purposes.
  3. A quantity of laths; lathing.
  4. Work made with or from lath.
  5. To build, cover, or line with laths.

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× നേര്‍ത്ത - Ner‍ththa | Ner‍tha
× നേർത്തപലക - Nerththapalaka | Nerthapalaka
× അലക് - Alaku
× നേര്‍ത്തപലക - Ner‍ththapalaka | Ner‍thapalaka


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