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The office of a leader.

  1. The position or office of a leader: ascended to the leadership of the party.
  2. Capacity or ability to lead: showed strong leadership during her first term in office.
  3. A group of leaders: met with the leadership of the nation's top unions.
  4. Guidance; direction: The business prospered under the leadership of the new president.

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ആധിപത്യം - Aadhipathyam | adhipathyam ;പ്രമാണിത്വം - Pramaanithvam | Pramanithvam ;നയിക്കുന്നഅവസ്ഥ - Nayikkunnaavastha | Nayikkunnavastha ;നയിക്കാനുളള കഴിവ് - Nayikkaanulala Kazhivu | Nayikkanulala Kazhivu ;സാരഥ്യം - Saarathyam | Sarathyam ;നായകസ്ഥാനം - Naayakasthaanam | Nayakasthanam ;

പ്രാമാണ്യം - Praamaanyam | Pramanyam ;നേതൃത്വം - Nethruthvam ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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