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The sending forth or commissioning one person to act for another.

  1. The act of sending a legate.
  2. A diplomatic mission in a foreign country ranking below an embassy.
  3. The diplomatic minister and staff of such a mission.
  4. The premises occupied by such a mission.

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× സ്ഥാനപതി - Sthaanapathi | Sthanapathi
× വന്‍തുക - Van‍thuka
× നയതന്ത്ര ദൗത്യസംഘം - Nayathanthra Dhauthyasamgham | Nayathanthra Dhouthyasamgham
× നിവേദകസംഘം - Nivedhakasamgham
× നയതന്ത്രദൗത്യസംഘം - Nayathanthradhauthyasamgham | Nayathanthradhouthyasamgham


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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