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Connected; tied; -- a term used when successive tones are to be produced in a closely connected, smoothly gliding manner. It is often indicated by a tie, thus &?;, &?;, or &?;, &?;, written over or under the notes to be so performed; -- opposed to staccato.

  1. In a smooth, even style without any noticeable break between the notes. Used chiefly as a direction.
  2. A legato passage or movement.

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× സ്ഥാനപതി - Sthaanapathi | Sthanapathi
× ഇടതടവിലാത്ത മൃദുവായ പൂര്‍ണ്ണ സംഗീതം - Idathadavilaaththa Mrudhuvaaya Poor‍nna Samgeetham | Idathadavilatha Mrudhuvaya Poor‍nna Samgeetham


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