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The act of binding.

  1. The act of tying or binding.
  2. A cord, wire, or bandage used for tying or binding.
  3. A thread, wire, or cord used in surgery to close vessels or tie off ducts.
  4. Something that unites; a bond.
  5. A character, letter, or type, such as æ, combining two or more letters.
  6. Music A group of notes intended to be played or sung as one phrase.
  7. Music A curved line indicating such a phrase; a slur.
  8. Music A passage of notes sung by repeating the same syllable.
  9. Music A metal band that attaches the reed to the mouthpiece of the clarinet and related instruments.
  10. To ligate.

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× മൂകമായ - Mookamaaya | Mookamaya
× രക്തവാഹിനീബന്ധം - Rakthavaahineebandham | Rakthavahineebandham


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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