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One of less than average weight;

  1. One that weighs relatively little or less than average.
  2. A weight division in professional boxing having an upper limit of 135 pounds (60.7 kilograms), between junior lightweight and junior welterweight.
  3. A boxer competing in this weight division.
  4. A similar weight division in other sports, such as weightlifting.
  5. A contestant in this weight division.
  6. A person of little ability, intelligence, influence, or importance.
  7. Weighing relatively little; not heavy: lightweight clothing; a lightweight wood.
  8. Sports Of, relating to, or characteristic of a lightweight: the lightweight title.
  9. Having no significance or influence: a lightweight intellect.

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× ലഘുവായ - Laghuvaaya | Laghuvaya
× അപ്രധാനനായ - Apradhaananaaya | Apradhananaya
× അധികാരമില്ലാത്ത വ്യക്തി - Adhikaaramillaaththa Vyakthi | Adhikaramillatha Vyakthi
× പ്രാധാന്യം കുറഞ്ഞ - Praadhaanyam Kuranja | Pradhanyam Kuranja
× ഭാരക്കുറവുള്ള - Bhaarakkuravulla | Bharakkuravulla
× അപ്രധാനന്‍ - Apradhaanan‍ | Apradhanan‍


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