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That which is lifted up; an elevation.

  1. A large, usually unpartitioned floor over a factory, warehouse, or other commercial or industrial space.
  2. Such a floor converted into an apartment or artist's studio.
  3. An open space under a roof; an attic or garret.
  4. A gallery or balcony, as in a church.
  5. A hayloft.
  6. Sports The backward slant of the face of a golf club head, designed to drive the ball in a high arc.
  7. Sports A golf stroke that drives the ball in a high arc.
  8. Sports The upward course of a ball driven in a high arc.
  9. The thickness of a fabric or yarn.
  10. The thickness of an item, such as a down comforter, that is filled with compressible insulating material.
  11. To put, store, or keep in a loft.
  12. To propel in a high arc: lofted the ball into the outfield.
  13. Nautical To lay out a full-size drawing of (the parts of a ship's hull, for example).
  14. To propel something, especially a ball, in a high arc.
  15. To rise high into the air.

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× പന്ത്‌ വളരെ ഉയരത്തില്‍ എറിയുക - Panthu Valare Uyaraththil‍ Eriyuka | Panthu Valare Uyarathil‍ Eriyuka
× പ്രാക്കൂട്‌ - Praakkoodu | Prakkoodu
× മേലറ - Melara
× പന്ത്‌ ഉയരത്തിലടിക്കുക - Panthu Uyaraththiladikkuka | Panthu Uyarathiladikkuka
× ചന്ദ്രശാല - Chandhrashaala | Chandhrashala
× മുകളിലത്തെ മുറി - Mukalilaththe Muri | Mukalilathe Muri
× പള്ളിയിലെയോ മറ്റോ ഉള്ള മേല്‍മാടം - Palliyileyo Matto Ulla Mel‍maadam | Palliyileyo Matto Ulla Mel‍madam
× പ്രാക്കൂട് - Praakkoodu | Prakkoodu
× തട്ടിന്‍ പുറത്തുളള മുറി - Thattin‍ Puraththulala Muri | Thattin‍ Purathulala Muri
× തട്ടിൻ പുറത്തുളള മുറി - Thattin Puraththulala Muri | Thattin Purathulala Muri
× മാടം - Maadam | Madam
× തട്ടിന്‍പുറത്തുള്ള മുറി - Thattin‍puraththulla Muri | Thattin‍purathulla Muri
× പന്ത്‌ വളരെ ഉയരത്തില്‍ അടിക്കുക - Panthu Valare Uyaraththil‍ Adikkuka | Panthu Valare Uyarathil‍ Adikkuka


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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