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One of a class of auxiliary numbers, devised by John Napier, of Merchiston, Scotland (1550-1617), to abridge arithmetical calculations, by the use of addition and subtraction in place of multiplication and division.

  1. Mathematics The power to which a base, such as 10, must be raised to produce a given number. If nx = a, the logarithm of a, with n as the base, is x; symbolically, logn a = x. For example, 103 = 1,000; therefore, log10 1,000 = 3. The kinds most often used are the common logarithm (base 10), the natural logarithm (base e), and the binary logarithm (base 2).

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സംവര്‍ഗ്ഗമാനം - Samvar‍ggamaanam | Samvar‍ggamanam ;വർഗ്ഗമാനസംഖ്യ - Varggamaanasamkhya | Varggamanasamkhya ;ലോഗരിഥം - Logaritham ;വര്‍ഗ്ഗമാനസംഖ്യ - Var‍ggamaanasamkhya | Var‍ggamanasamkhya ;ലോഗരിഥം - Logaritham ;സംവര്‍ഗ്ഗമാപകം - Samvar‍ggamaapakam | Samvar‍ggamapakam ;

സംവർഗ്ഗമാപകം - Samvarggamaapakam | Samvarggamapakam ;പ്രതിബന്ധം - Prathibandham ;തടി - Thadi ;ലോഗരിതംസ്‌ - Logarithamsu ;


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