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A money of account in China equal to one tenth of a tael; also, a weight of 57.98 grains.

  1. A ceremonial staff borne or displayed as the symbol of authority of a legislative body.
  2. A macebearer.
  3. A heavy medieval war club with a spiked or flanged metal head, used to crush armor.
  4. An aromatic spice made from the dried, waxy, scarlet or yellowish covering that partly encloses the kernel of the nutmeg.

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× അധികാരദണ്‌ഡ്‌ - Adhikaaradhandu | Adhikaradhandu
× ദണ്ഡ് - Dhandu
× ജാതിപത്രി - Jaathipathri | Jathipathri
× ഗദ - Gadha
× ജാതിക്കായുടെ പുറത്തുള്ള ഭാഗം - Jaathikkaayude Puraththulla Bhaagam | Jathikkayude Purathulla Bhagam
× ജാതിഫലം - Jaathiphalam | Jathiphalam
× ജാതികോശം - Jaathikosham | Jathikosham


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