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A large stork of the genus Leptoptilos (formerly Ciconia), esp. the African species (L. crumenifer), which furnishes plumes worn as ornaments. The Asiatic species (L. dubius, or L. argala) is the adjutant. See Adjutant.

  1. Any of several large African storks of the genus Leptoptilos that scavenge for carrion and that have a soft white down on the underside. Also called adjutant, adjutant stork.
  2. The down of one of these storks or an imitation of it made from other bird feathers.
  3. A hat or garment trimmed with the down of a stork or an imitation of it.
  4. A raw silk that can be dyed without being separated from the gum.
  5. A fabric or an article of apparel made from such silk.

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× കെടുത്തുക - Keduththuka | Keduthuka


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