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One who denies the existence of spiritual substances or agents, and maintains that spiritual phenomena, so called, are the result of some peculiar organization of matter.

  1. Someone who is materialistic, concerned only with material possessions.
  2. A follower or proponent of philosophical materialism.

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വസ്തു - Vasthu ;ഭൗതികവാദി - Bhauthikavaadhi | Bhouthikavadhi ;സുഖലോലുപന്‍ - Sukhalolupan‍ ;സുഖലോലുപന്‍ - Sukhalolupan‍ ;ലൗകികസുഖനിരതന്‍ - Laukikasukhanirathan‍ | Loukikasukhanirathan‍ ;സുഖലോലുപൻ - Sukhalolupan ;

ഭോഗതത്പരൻ - Bhogathathparan ;പ്രാപഞ്ചികവാദി - Praapanchikavaadhi | Prapanchikavadhi ;ഭോഗതത്പരന്‍ - Bhogathathparan‍ ;ലോകായതന്‍ - Lokaayathan‍ | Lokayathan‍ ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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